Our work, that draws nourishment from the continuous technical exchange with our clients, enables us to design and develop an always up-todate line of standardized items. We place at the clients' disposal all of our knowledge in order to meet their specific needs and manufacture customized items for them. We offer a complete service, which includes our technical consultancy, the design of the item, and of course its final production. The PVC used, specially selected for the medical industry, is suitable both for the sterilization of the ethylene oxide (EtO) and the sterilization through gamma rays.


In order to provide the client with the maximum guarantee of quality, the processes and the production cycle have been organized depending on the strictest rules:
- We make a careful selection of the raw materials, whose features are rigorously in conformity with the REACH regulation
- The selection and packing processes are carried out inside the CLEAN ROOM and are distinguished by an air treatment with ISO 7 classification
- Several quality controls are done through automatic viewing systems or by qualified technicians.

The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification attest to the high rigour of our company, for which quality is an aim to pursue politically and maniacally.

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